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Our core SNAP technology assays the binding affinity and specificity of purified proteins or cell lysates on a microarray containing double-stranded, B-form DNA.




  • Designing therapeutics to disrupt transcription factor binding at a specific genomic location.


  • Examining changes in specificity caused by a heterodimeric partner.


  • Identifying functional SNPs that alter  transcription factor binding for personalized medicine applications. Adaptable to SNPs involved in any disease.


  • Discovering the DNA-binding preferences of drug targets and novel or under-studied proteins.


  • Screening test compounds that modulate the specificity of transcription factors in disease.  


  • Complements ChIP-seq by defining direct DNA binding interactions.


  • Solution-based high throughput screening of DNA binding specificity


  • DNA and RNA SNAPtamer arrays for biomarker discovery

SNAP Technology


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