Proteovista LLC has an immediate opening:

We are always interested in Scientists / Senior Scientists to join our small Research and Development team in the development of completely novel next generation microarray assays and solution-based genomic assays.


Scientist  - Molecular Biology: 

We are seeking a creative and dedicated R&D Scientist to lead SBIR-grant funded development of novel microarray-based high throughput technologies. The ideal candidate will possess a PhD (1-4 years work experience, industry preferred), MS (4-5 years work experience), or BS (7+ years work experience) in Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, or similar. Must be able to work independently and plan experiments on highly inventive and new protocols. Knowledge of cloning, in vitro transcription-translation, peptide arrays, STR analysis, aptamers, cancer biology, and transcription factor - DNA interactions. Laboratory expertise with molecular biology, nucleic acid microarrays, next gen sequencing, bioinformatics, and data analysis. Candidates with a strong background in cancer and cardiovascular research, an inventive mind, a strong publication record, and a track record with SBIR grants will be most highly considered. Postdoctoral candidates will be considered as well. 


Please send CV and cover letter as a pdf to: